Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Preston's 2nd Day

Preston out cold after getting some Tylenol for his circumcision. He is doing much better at eating now. He has the sucking and swallowing thing down- it just takes awhile!Jennifer and Mitch visited us today- hopefully their baby girl comes soon too! Jared and Lisa also visited us this evening
Preston and Lisa
Preston learns how to suck and holds his pacifier all by himself!
Daddy and Preston waking up in the morning
Preston chillin
Look at that cute double chin!
Pretty blue eyes looking at Mommy after eating

Preston's 1st Visitors

Preston Kyle and Grandpa Kyle Preston and Grandma Diane
Preston and Grandma Sue
Preston and Aunt Kristi
Our first family photo

Preston Kyle Eichmeier

Our baby is finally here! My water broke at 7:30pm on Sunday night, so we went to the hospital to get things checked out. After a long night of labor, Preston Kyle Eichmeier arrived 2 1/2 weeks early at 12:50pm on Monday, September 29 2008. He weighed 7 lb, 14 oz and was 20 inches long. He is doing great and we are so happy our baby boy is with us now!
Here is Preston chillin before his 1st bath Bath time!
He finally opened his eyes!
Getting his foot prints
Scott's 1st time holding Preston
Holding Preston after he was all cleaned up and breathing normally
7 lbs, 14 oz- just think how big he would have been if he went full term!
Scott cutting the cord
Preston was very purple and having a tough time breathing right when he came out so I didn't get to hold him very long. Here are the ICU nurses helping him breathe and getting all that mucus out of his lungs. Mom was pretty nervous at this point because she didn't know what was going on!
I was not this smiley all night- this was before the pain!

37 Weeks

We had a doctor appointment on Friday. My blood pressure is doing fine, which kind of surprised me because my body is so swollen! She just told me to stay off my feet whenever I can. Scott's parents came and visited us because his dad had to ref a volleyball tourney at Simpson. My dad and sister Molly also visited us this weekend and we went to the Luther football game at Simpson. It was very hot and pretty uncomfortable to sit, but I made it through the game.
Larry, Amanda, and Sue
Scott, his mom and dad

Birthing Class

We had another birthing class last Tues where we learned some more breathing techniques, how to use the massage tools, and the different stages of labor. Here is a pic of my mom painting my toenails so they are not ugly when I give birth!

Monday, September 22, 2008

36 Weeks

This past weekend we decided to make one last road trip before the baby comes and we went and visited Molly at Luther for family weekend. We watched the Luther football game, although it was extremely hot and I had to take breaks inside often. Luther won, but unfortunately Iowa lost this weekend which Scott was pretty bummed about. We stayed overnight in an old hospital in Highlandville with my dad and grandma and also ate a ton of delicious Decorah food! We didn't get a lot of sleep though, as my dad and grandma both snore quite loudly!
Our kitty, Jasmine, playing fetch and checking her email :)

Amanda, Grandma Mary, and Molly looking over the Luther football field
Amanda, Dad, and Molly
On Sunday, we drove around the area and looked at where our Norwegian descendants used to live by visiting some old general stores, farm houses, and cemetaries. Here is a picture of my Grandma, my Dad and myself by the grave sight of my great, great grandparents, Tosten and Olina Stoen.

35 Weeks

Scott and I attended a breastfeeding class this week which was helpful because neither one of us knows anything about breastfeeding :) We also started our birthing classes that run for 4 consecutive weeks, so hopefully we get most of those in before our baby comes! We also had a doctor appointment this week. I had to take that strep test to make sure I don't pass on any infections to the baby when he is born. My feet have been very swollen so the doctor told me to lay off the salt and to drink 100 oz of water a day (which is a lot considering I have to go to the bathroom every 20 min!). She recommended some support panty hose also to help with the swelling, but I am pretty sure I am not going to wear those in this warm September weather. My mom gave me some support socks that I can wear instead. We also went to the Iowa vs Iowa State game on that Saturday. It was rainy while tailgating, but fortunately it cleared off for the game. Thanks to Mitch and Jenn, we had amazing seats in the front row. Scott was in heaven sitting right behind the Hawkeye bench.
My elephant feet after a long day in Iowa City
Scott on the field after the big Iowa Hawkeye win!
Look at our amazing seats in the front row! Thanks Mitch and Jennifer!
Jenn, Amanda, and Molly trying to stay dry while tailgating
Molly, Amanda, and Scott
Don't you love our ponchos?!
Sisters tailgating

Monday, September 1, 2008

33 Weeks

Well, we had another dr appt on Friday. Everything is still going smoothly. I had to take a hemoglobin test and they figured out I need more iron though, so I am now taking some iron supplements. We have our next appt in 2 weeks. We also took a trip back to Greene to visit the family over the Labor Day weekend and to hang out with some friends at the local River Days celebration. It was a nice, relaxing weekend. I also found out my friend, Nicole, had a baby boy over the weekend and they named him Carson. She went into labor 2 weeks early so I am hopeful that I will too! I am now starting Term 1 at Upper Iowa this week, but I will only be taking 1 class so hopefully it will be more managable for me. I hope everyone had a great weekend!
I don't know how my belly can get much bigger in the next 7 weeks!
Scott and Dad's little lion, Larry
Mom, Amanda, and Molly
Jenn, Amanda, and Amy before heading down to River Days
Grandpa Dale and Grandma Barb came to visit us on Sunday
We are hoping that the baby comes before they leave for Arizona on Oct 13th!
4 Generations :)

Molly gave us a cute Luther teddy bear this weekend
I am sure the baby is going to have a big supply of Luther garb!

Dad and Scott listening to the Iowa game, drinkin, and grillin
This reminds of Dumb and Dumber....ha ha :)
Scott decided to take Dad's scooter out on the town

Amanda and Mom