Thursday, October 28, 2010

Rest of Summer Pics

Yep, it's been 2 months again since I blogged and we are still too busy. But, I am trying to catch up. So many events have happened and I want to document them all, so here is my attempt. This post is basically a bunch of pictures from the summer that I still haven't put up...then there is Preston's 2 yr birthday party that I need to update........ahh!
Papa Kyle giving Pres a ride on the mower
Riding his pink "mo mo" with Aunt Molly

Riding Papa's "Momo"

Fun at Altoona Palooza

Car show at Altoona Palooza

Playing with his cousin Zach

Trying on his cousin Haley's hair bow for pretty :)
Haley and Aunt Kristi got to spend a few days with us when Haley had cheerleading camp!
Preston loved having Haley around!

She went along with everything Preston wanted her to do...playing "mo mo's" below

Preston's first concert....Hairball at the State Fair. We didn't stay much longer, I felt too much like a white trash mother :)
Preston in the baby cow cage!

Mommy, Preston, Aunt Moyee, and a BIG pumpkin

Preston's favorite part of the fair...the big slide. And it was only $5 a ride! :)
"Don't lick my shoes piggy!"
"Wow, that pig is big!"
Gotta love those fried mac & cheese bites! Mmm fair food

Hanging out with Nana Didi and Great Gpa Dale

Parade in Altoona with Adrian and Jennifer
Taking a break from playing for a snack
Papa Kyle brought me a Norse hat!

Raise the roof for the Iowa Cubs!
Lovin that Iowa sweet corn!

One afternoon we took Preston to Union Park for a picnic and to ride the carousel

Mommy and Daddy in Cedar Falls for Daddy's 30th birthday
Lynn and Rowan all smiles
Brad and Kami's 1 year anniversary :)

Mommy took Preston to a tumbling class this summer
He had fun bouncing around and playing

Helping Mommy make pancakes for Daddy one morning

At the horse races

Preston loved watching the horses up close
Visiting Finley and Jenn- when Mommy picked Finley up to hold her, Preston started crying and threw himself into a wall. A little jealous, huh?

Preston saw Finley sitting in her bumbo seat, so he had to get his out when we got home :)