Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Patty's Day!!

Contrary to this blog page, we are not Irish, but as some of you may know, Mommy loves St. Patrick's Day. She may have even become a little obsessed. Mommy, Daddy, and Preston all got new green shirts for St. Patty's Day and Mommy also made a very green meal last night. Today, Daddy took off a couple hours of work to join Mommy and Preston for the parade.
Mommy made some green bread in the bread maker It looked so delicious, Preston had to have some immediately!

Green pears
Green beans
Green chicken/broccoli alfredo sauce- I know, it looks kinda gross, but it wasn't that bad!

Green noodles
Green Jello
Green slushie (lime sherbert + 7up)- Preston had green milk.
The whole green meal
Yummy- and yes, his poop was green today :)

And for dessert....Green rice krispie bars- Daddy's favorite!

P-Bear loves to watch the mail truck drive around our cul-de-sac and deliver mail. This was after he threw an hour long tantrum because Mommy accidentally said we were going to go outside to the parade today..he thought that was immediately. Oh, and after he threw multiple tantrums because he wanted to do dishes. Every time we run water or go near the sink, he thinks we are doing dishes and pushes the chair over to "help us." I just avoided the sink the entire day today because the tantrums were just too much for Mommy!

Preston and Daddy watching the parade
Mommy was bummed that it was too cold to show off his St. Patty's Day t-shirt, but we found this sweatshirt, and everyone around us thought it was adorable :)
Mommy and Preston
The parade lasted an hour and a half! He sat for the first hour, and then we let him get down and run around, which he loved! He was dancing to the music, catching beads, and chasing down dogs.
I like this picture because our little monster looks so little compared to the rest of the crowd :) And it shows off his tail!

This little monster was TIRED! He slept on the way home, but wouldn't lay down for a nap when we got home. He got a whopping 20 min nap today...FUN!

Instead of sleeping, we read this St. Patrick's Day book.
Happy St. Patrick's Day from the Eichmeier's!

Monday, March 15, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like.....spring!

The weather has been wonderful the past couple days and we have definitely been enjoying some outside time. We didn't even have to wear our winter coats out today :) This past weekend we went back to Greene because we haven't been there since Christmas! It was nice and relaxing just to hang out at Grandpa Kyle's and Grandma Diane's. Mommy and Daddy got to sleep in both days- yippee! This week will be kinda slow for Mommy because it is spring break, but she is super excited for St. Patrick's Day. Weather permitting, Mommy and Daddy are going to take Preston to the parade on Wednesday. Hopefully we get some good pics on Wednesday of our St Patty's Day festivities.
Since we couldn't find a pink shirt for Preston to wear on "pink day," he wore this shirt. It says: My favorite color is dirt. And he is proudly displaying his St Patty's Day hat he made at school. Watching Elmo videos on the net

Preston's favorite thing to do at Grandpa's was play on the porch. It was a little chilly on Saturday, but Preston still wanted to be outside...or at least as close as he could get.
On Sunday, Grandma and Preston took a walk down to the river to see how much it had flooded. Thankfully it has not flooded Grandma's post office this time!

Driving his car on Sunday after returning home

Preston helped Daddy take down the Christmas lights (I know, we are behind, but they were frozen to the gutter!)

Preston can sit down and eat an entire container of fruit, this time it was strawberries.
Since Preston practiced looking for Easter eggs at Grandmas, Mommy decided to get them out at our house for Preston to play with. We put toys and Lucky Charms in them and he enjoyed dumping them out and finding the goodies. Easter will be fun!
What a fun surprise..beads!

Today we could wear our "spring coat." Preston had to take his Dew bottles with him in the car...just like Mommy and Daddy. Not a very good example we are setting, I know. Guess we need to limit our soda intake!
Took a short walk in the wagon

So excited to be outside! Running and running until Mommy makes me come back!

Preston's new favorite song to dance to is "I like to move it, move it!"

Monday, March 8, 2010


Changes have been happening this week in the Eichmeier household. Mommy started a new term this week in school. She dropped an online class she heard horrible things about, so now it is just the one class this term, which will be so nice! She just has one class next term, a reading practicum, and then will student teach in the fall. So close to being done! Daddy and Mommy also signed up for Farrell's Extreme Body Shaping, which starts March 20th. Daddy is going at 5am and Mommy is going at 6am 6 days a week- which in itself is crazy because we are not morning people. That is the only time it would work in our crazy schedules though. Hopefully it will be a good and healthy change because we need it! Preston also changed this week- he got his 2nd haircut. This one went so much better than the first one. I was dreading it but he did well. Preston watched Mommy get her haircut first, and then he sat on Daddy's lap while he got his...and we gave him juice and snacks :) Starting on Monday, Preston will also be sleeping on a cot at school. There are two younger kids moving up and they need the cribs, so P-dawg will get to be a big boy! They tried it a couple times last week and he kept getting up, but the staff said they will just lay by him until he adjusts to the cot. He is growing up so fast..which makes Mommy sad and happy at the same time because it is so cool to watch him learn and grow.
This is the morning before his haircut. He has this cool Cheerios book that you have to put Cheerios in the holes to finish the picture..then he eats them! Haircut time!
Where'd my hair go? He likes to do this gesture for everything now. Helping Daddy do the dishes
This is later that night after his haircut. It is pretty short, but that way it will be awhile before we have to schedule another haircut. He is trying to get the last of the pickles in the jar. He loves pickles!
Daddy and Preston made a tent on Sunday morning.
He really wanted to be in this picture!
Mommy and Preston went over to Adrian's house to play for awhile on Sunday afternoon. They were feeding the kitty some treats. Hopefully the weather keeps changing and raising those temps so we can play outside soon!
Sweet Adrian.


I gave this post the title "colors" because it seems like colors have been a big part of our life the past couple weeks. Right now at Preston's "school," they are having color days for 2 weeks. Each day they are supposed to wear a certain color. Last week, he wore blue, green, yellow, and the picture below is brown day. We wanted to take a picture of this day because Aunt Paige gave him this shirt from Costa Rica. It has monkeys on it. Tomorrow is black day, so that will be easy, but I know sometime this week is pink day and I don't think Preston owns a thing that is pink. Jasmine loved getting decorated by Preston in these pretty beads from Lisa's 30th bday party.
"Stay still kitty so I can make you pretty!"
Daddy is getting ready for Lisa's 30th Birthday Color Block Party. Preston is thinking "Wow, my Dad is weird!" Brad, Kami, Mommy, and Daddy ready for Lisa's color party.
The host and hostess, Jared and Lisa. Happy 30th Birthday Lisa!
BFF's all colored up
Look at those beautiful baby blues!
Mommy made some orange homeade play-doh one day when Preston and Mommy were running out of things to do stuck inside. It kept him entertained for awhile and he only tried a couple bites :)
I think he had a lot more fun with the cookie cutters.

State Champion Bowler? Mommy read in the SE Polk Newsletter that the high school team just won the state championship in bowling. Maybe Preston will be on the team....?