Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Thanks Grandma Diane!

Mommy had a great birthday on Friday since her and Daddy got to go eat at PF Chang's, get ice cream at Cold Stone, and go shopping at the mall while Grandpa Kyle watched Preston. Unfortunately, Mommy started to get a stomach ache on Saturday night and was throwing up by noon on Sunday. Good thing Preston spit up all over Mommy and had a big poopy blow-out right before we left for chuch, otherwise Mommy might have vomited in church! Mommy could barely get out of bed on Sunday so Daddy and Preston hung out downstairs all day. Mommy didn't know what to do with Preston on Monday since we don't have daycare on Monday and Daddy did not have any PTO days left. But, Grandma Diane decided to call into work and come down to watch Preston on Monday so Mommy could get better. Mommy was feeling better on Monday, but got to rest up and get her energy back while Preston hung out with Grandma. Grandma even did all of our laundry that Mommy had been slacking on! So- thanks Grandma Diane- you are a lifesaver! I am feeling better now and went back to work on Tuesday. We are super excited to go to Ventura this weekend for the Eichmeier Christmas, so hopefully this ice storm that is supposed to be coming clears off for the weekend!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Preston's Surprise!

Now that we have this camcorder, I am sure we will be uploading many videos- sorry everyone! Everything Preston does is just so cute to us! I was filming Preston the other day while he was waiting for his bottle to warm up, and he started pooping while I was recording- which was just hilarious to us! And he is a LOUD pooper! Sorry Preston!

Christmas is coming!

This past weekend Mommy, Daddy, and Preston went Christmas shopping and got most of it done. We only have a few things left to get. Other than that, it was a pretty relaxing weekend. We rented some movies and Daddy and Preston watched lots of football on Sunday. Mommy survived her first week back to work and the second week is almost over! Preston has only been at day care about 20 hrs a week so it is managable for Mommy :) Daddy and Preston also ventured out and went shopping for Mommy's birthday while she was at class- good job Daddy! She was so excited that Daddy let her open her presents early which included a Jessica Simpson "Fancy" perfume gift set, a very fashionable bag that Daddy and Preston picked out, and some dark chocolate M&M's because they are Mommy's favorite. Thanks Daddy and Preston! Grandpa Kyle is coming tomorrow so Daddy and Mommy can go out for Mommy's birthday. Our pastor also came over to our house this week to talk about Preston's baptism on the 28th of December.
Preston still loves to look at himself in the mirror He loves to talk to Mommy when getting his diaper changed in the morning

Mommy tried to get a Christmas picture of Preston, but he was too tired and cranky :)
This is about the best picture we got
Preston watching the Vikings game with Daddy
Sorry Marquard family- this outfit was put on him when Mommy was still sleeping!

Preston's first video

Thanks to Grandma Diane, we got our Christmas present a bit early. As shown below, we captured Preston's first video smile.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

It is confirmed- Preston is a Tank!

Preston had his 2 month appointment yesterday. He weighed 14 pounds, 3 oz and is in the 95th percentile. He was 23 1/4 inches long and that was between the 50th and 75th percentile. So- Preston is a big boy! He is going to be able to hold his own against Kamden and Gus! :) Preston also got his shots, which seemed like it was harder for Mommy than Preston. He only cried for a few seconds and was not cranky or anything last night. Today was also hard because Mommy had to go back to work. Preston was in good hands with his day care provider, Krista, but it took Mommy about an hour to leave her house this morning. It won't be that bad, though, because Preston will only need to be at day care Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, and 1/2 days every other Friday. Mommy is going to spend Mondays and some Fridays with Preston.

We Are Thankful!

We hope everyone's Thanksgiving was wonderful. We had a great weekend in Greene and Hampton and Mommy, Daddy, and Aunt Molly even went shopping early on Friday morning. We picked out a camcorder that Grandma Diane got us for Christmas so we can record all Preston's milestones. Aunt Paige also flew in from Texas and Preston was so happy because he hasn't seen her since he was about 2 weeks old!
Preston and Daddy were exhausted after eating all that Thanksgiving food!
Preston got to meet Jon, Paige's friend, for the first time
The girls and Preston by the tree
Great-aunt Kay and Preston taking a nap
Great-Grandma was not supposed to be around little babies because she recently got a vaccine so she put this scary scarf around her face so she could hold Preston
Great-Grandma Mary got out this bassinet from when Mommy was little
The Eichmeier Family on Thanksgiving
Marquard Cousins!
Marquard Family
Paige missed Preston!
Preston and his Aunties
Christmas Lights jammies
So, Preston is going to hate us for this when he gets older, but Mommy, Grandma Diane, Aunts Paige and Molly dressed Preston in a pink Gingerbread outfit when we were frosting cookies.
Man, just get this over with.
Preston got us back though- he had a poopy blow-out in this outfit a couple hours later. That will show us to dress him in pink!

Dinner Club

Well, it has been awhile since I last posted, so figured I needed to catch up. Last week, we hosted dinner club at our house with Lane, Rachel, and Kamden, Jack and Jenn, Lisa and Jared, and unfortunately Jess and Steve could not make it. Scott made some yummy beef briscuit sandwiches and everyone else brought delicious sides. Last week was also Mommy's last week of maternity leave....tear :( We visited Krista, Preston's day care provider, to get things set up.
Here is Mommy trying to get a smile out of Preston There it is!
Kamden showing Preston how to take charge of his play gym
The boys looking on Youtube....all night
Lisa and Preston

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Preston Visits Mommy's Work

Only 2 more weeks and Mommy has to go back to work :( Mommy had to go in and sign some papers and figure out the plan when she comes back so Preston got to meet some of Mommy's co-workers today. FYI: Grandma Sue had back surgery today and is recovering well. Please keep her in your thoughts! We are thinking of you Grandma Sue!
Erin did a good job getting Preston to sleep Preston visited Danielle and the Twinkle Tot classroom
He got mesmerized by the TV when I was trying to take his pic
Chunky Cheeks after his bath
I love Tigger!
The first time Preston fell asleep in something besides Mommy and Daddys' arms. Yay!

Preston Goes to Greene

Preston made his first trip to Greene with Mommy this past weekend. He had a good time visiting Grandma Diane and Grandpa Kyle, and Aunt Molly even came home from college for a night. Daddy sure missed him a lot though!
Here is Preston helping Grandma make Christmas cookies. Next is frosting- which he will get to do at Thanksgiving!
Preston loves to lay on the table and look at the lights.

Preston visited Grandma Diane at the post office!
Preston's 1st day of school- visiting Grandpa Kyle Aunt Molly feeding Preston Kyle

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Preston's 1st Visit to Ventura

This past weekend we headed north for Preston's 1st visit to Ventura. Preston got to hang out with Grandpa Larry and Grandma Sue, Aunt Kristi and Uncle Shawn, and all his cousins the whole weekend. It was nice for Mommy and Daddy because Grandma Sue got up with Preston every time in the night so we got to sleep! Aunt Kristi and the cousins watched Preston while Mommy and Daddy went to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the Iowa game and boy was it a good game! On Sunday, Great-grandparents Louis and Doris came over along with Great Uncle Paul for an early Thanksgiving. We had so much yummy food!
Preston also got his 1st professional photos taken today at JCPenney's. He did such a good job-he didn't cry and he was awake the whole time. He even peed and spit up on the photo lady! We got some good pictures, but Mommy and Daddy were not very impressed with how things were run there. We were there for over 2 hrs and Preston started to become impatient- imagine that! Another update: Mommy had her 6-week appt today (which means Preston is 6 weeks old!) and the doctor said everything is looking good! He gave me the okay to exercise so maybe I can lose those last few pounds now!
Here is Grandma Sue and Preston exhausted after staying up all night talking and eating that yummy Thanksgiving meal! Zach, the rock star, and Scott, the mountain man

Aunt Kristi bought Preston this Turkey outfit for Thanksgiving- it was so cute!
Gobble Gobble!

Cousin Haley and Preston
Cousin Grant and Preston
Cousin Keegan and Preston
Cousin Zach and Preston

Grandpa, Grandma and all the grandkids. Grant is amazed that Preston smiled for the picture!
Great Grandpa Louis, Great Grandma Doris and their great-grandkids
Family Pic

I'm a Little Turkey!

Grant, Zach, and Aunt Kristi with Preston

Preston, ready for the Hawks Game
Mommy and Preston in his infant rider