Thursday, July 22, 2010


The month of July has brought on some more celebrating. First off- Daddy turned 30 on July 21st- wow- he is sure getting old :) Grandma Diane and Grandma Sue also celebrated birthdays and both Grandpa's are retiring. So, Happy Birthday and Happy Retirement!!!
For Daddy's birthday, we went out to eat at Felix & Oscars."These breadsticks are too good for a picture, Mommy."

This picture was taken after Preston dumped a whole glass of water on Mommy because he wanted to sit in the big boy booth like Daddy. Fun times out to eat in soaked clothes! Daddy and Preston blowing out the candles on his ice cream cake

Preston and Haley playing bags at Great Gma and Gpa Eichmeier's. They had a nice get-together and we got to see some family that we haven't seen in awhile.
Great Gpa and Gma Eichmeier with their great grand-kids

Clark Family
Eichmeier Family
Preston loves hanging out with Haley
And Zach loves Preston so much
Doing flips with Daddy
Grant showed Preston how to play in the ice
So cold!

Raspberry doughnut before Gpa Kyle's retirement party-delicious!
Gpa with his cake
Gpa Kyle with his family

Great Gma Mary and Gpa Kyle
Out to eat for Gma Diane's birthday
Doing a birthday dance for Grandma
Video of Preston and Grandma Diane dancing on her birthday. Check out Grandma's sweet moves :)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

4th of July Weekend

The weekend of the 4th we traveled back to Ventura for the holiday. It was a nice, long weekend, despite the rain on the 4th. We saw some friends we haven't seen in awhile, which is always nice.
When we arrived at Gma & Gpa Eichmeier's, Preston looked through the whole tub to find this "mo mo" he played with previously. And then Gpa and Gma bought him another "mo mo!" He loves playing "mo mos" now! We decided to go downtown and listen to the band on Friday night. Here are the boys.
And ladies
On Saturday, we went to Rowan Treloar's 1st birthday party. Look at her cute outfit!
Preston sharing with Rowan
Cutie pie- Hazel Dillavou
The Dillavou party was packed with little kids and tons of cool toys.
Gus Dillavou- he was upset with me after I took this picture because he firmly told me not to take a picture of him :)
Preston enjoyed jumping on this trampoline with Gus. Preston is on Daddy's shoulders and Will is talking to him.

Preston opening his 4th of July presents

"Here Grandma, have a yummy raspberry."
Grandpa Kyle and Aunt Molly met us at the OP for dinner on the 4th.
Gpa Kyle and Mommy
"Look Ma."


Blowing bubbles at Gpa and Gma's

So intrigued by the bubbles

Trying to catch the bubbles

Gpa Larry giving Pres a ride on the bike
"I can do it Grandpa."

Preston's 1st sparkler

He wanted more and more sparklers to be lit so he could watch them. He did a good job of staying far enough away from them so he wouldn't get burned.
4th of July outfit at the parade...Red, White, and Vroom!

P-dawg and Gma Sue waiting for the parade

Daddy and Gpa
Eichmeier fam at the pararde

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Fun Times with Aunt Paige

Aunt Paige came back from Costa Rica the end of June and spent a few days with us in Altoona. Preston had been practicing her name and said it moments after she arrived ("Pai"), which Aunt Paige loved! Here are some pictures of their fun times together.
Aunt Paige brought this dump truck for Preston- awesome! Preston showed Aunt Paige how gentle he is with the kitty by running a truck over her head :)
Getting ready to go to the Aquatic Center
Preston and Aunt Paige in the pool- he made Mommy and Aunt Paige stay until closing time.
After feeding the ducks
Preston and Mommy
Aunt Paige showed Preston how to throw rocks into the stream
And he had to do it over and over
Filling up his pool

Watch out Aunt Paige!

Getting ready to swim in the backyard

Sliding into his pool
Throwing things into his dump truck