Sunday, February 21, 2010

Is winter over yet?

We are thankful that this snowstorm we were supposed to get today missed us because we already have waaay too much snow. We are ready for some warmer weather so we can play outside...soon hopefully! Like always, we have stayed busy the last few weeks and the weekends go by too fast. Despite the weather, all the grandparents have been able to visit a couple times, which is fun for Preston. He loves to show off when we have company and since it was Valentine's Day last weekend, he got some cool gifts (Elmo stuffed animal, Sesame Street cars, Chuck the Truck, puppy dog stuffed animal, and many cards). Thanks Everyone! When Mommy is done with Saturday classes the beginning of March, we are hoping to find some weekends to visit back home. Preston is saying more and more words each day, which is amazing to us and still uses his signs to communicate. He just started quacking like a duck, which is adorable.
Reading People magazine
"But I love Sports Illustrated too, Daddy!"
Making his Valentine cards for his day care party. He made Mommy and Daddy a card with his hand print at day care and he received lots of cards and treats from his friends. Who knew that we would have to start buying Valentine Cards for our 16 month old's friends!?
Preston gave out these cute animal cards and a page of stickers to each friend at day care. They were so cute Mommy had to take a picture.
He is still a dare-devil monkey and has to climb on everything. Here he climbed on his music table to watch the snow plow outside.
The fam went to Buffalo Wild Wings on Valentine's Day and Preston enjoyed playing this race car game.
New firetruck Pj's. We love warm and comfy PJ's...that is why we live in our PJ's :)
Amelia (and Amy) came to visit so Amelia and Preston could meet and so the Mommies could plan Jenn's baby shower. Jenn even decided to come visit. She is due in May and we are so happy for Jenn and Jack, even if they won't tell us names :).
Amelia (4 mo) and Preston (16 1/2 mo)

1st Time "Sledding"

One cold, snowy day, Mommy opened this toy from his pile of Christmas presents. Aunt Kristi and family gave Preston this and it entertained him for hours! "Yes, Mom, I am petting the kitty nicely."
Preston had to get a better view to watch the Super Bowl
Grandpa Kyle always brings Preston lefsa to eat. He thinks it is Yummy!
Found Grandma's glasses to wear after church
Earlier this month, Grandma D brought Preston a sled and took him outside for his first snow excursion.

"Snow feels cold!" And of course he won't leave his mittens on.
So much fun!
Reading books with Grandma

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hotel Swimming

Preston had a very good time this past weekend swimming at the Ramada hotel with the Noel's. They built a small "water park" at the hotel in the last couple of years and we decided to try it out and make a night of it. It was a nice "get-away" from the Iowa winter, but it was not fun for Mommy to put on a swimsuit this time of year!
Preston and Mommy getting used to the "chilly" water This pirate ship had a few small slides and then they also had 2 bigger, twirly slides in a different pool. Preston tried out all of them and loved it! He laughed all the way down on the big slides.

Daddy, Preston, Mitch, and Adrian in the pool. The daddy's volunteered to watch the toddlers in the evening while Mommy and Jennifer had a few drinks at the bar. Preston and Adrian stayed up until 10pm playing! Daddy said that they would run from one thing to the next copying each other and doing things together- like looking at a book and breaking the microwave :)
Preston and Daddy getting sprayed by the pirate ship
Jennifer, Adrian, Mommy, and Preston
Coloring before dinner..oops- I mean eating the crayons (Preston) and sticking them up her nose (Adrian)..ha ha

Adrian and Preston sure made a mess beneath them!

Daddy and Preston swimming... and the pirate ship in the background
We took Preston swimming again in the morning before we checked out
Mowing the cat hair from the carpet :)
Preston loves reading books now. His favorite books are any book with a Sesame Street character in it and his truck books. Aunt Molly especially loves reading Preston the oh-so-entertaining truck books!
We got some good videos of Preston and Adrian at the restaurant in the hotel. Jennifer posted a good one of them making a ruckus in the restaurant. You can click on her blog on the right if you want to see that one or her pictures of swimming. This one includes Preston and Adrian trying to give each other high-fives. So funny- it makes me laugh out loud.

Hip Hop, Signs, Body Parts, Toddler Time, Etc.......

This is kind of a hodge podge of pics and information, so I was not real sure what to title this blog post. Preston is learning so much every day and it just amazes us. We have realized that although he cannot verbalize what he needs/wants very well yet, he knows exactly what things are and what we are saying. He has only said a handful of words, though, that we have understood (mommy, daddy, uh-oh, ball, Elmo, Big Bird- maybe). He is obsessed with B's right now so everything is "buh, buh." We have been working pretty hard with him on sign language and he has picked up quite a few signs. The big one we taught him was"more," but he does it whenever he "wants" something now, so he does it constantly! He also signs bath, please, thank-you, all done, and he has done "help" and "sleepy" a couple times. I am hesitant to teach him anymore than that because some of them are so similar I feel he is going to get confused. He knows many of his body parts too and points to them- head, hair, ears, nose, teeth, mouth, toes, fingers, and sometimes eyes. We got Preston some flashcards a couple days ago so we have been working on identifying letters, objects, colors, and shapes. We have also noticed that he wants to do things by himself more and "help" Mommy and Daddy. He likes to put his toothbrush back in the holder, throws his diapers and kleenex away in the garbage, tries to dress himself and put on socks/shoes, helps put groceries away, and anything else we will let him do. Just this week he started pointing to his diaper and then running to the toilet, so we have been putting him on the toilet after we take off his diaper sometimes just to show him that "potty" goes in the toilet. Now he tries to climb on the toilet himself. I guess we need to get a potty chair, but we don't expect him to be doing that anytime soon!
Although he is 16 months now, I forgot to post his stats from his 15 month appt, and I need to have them documented here since I haven't done baby books or here they are: Height- 32.75 and 91%, Weight- 27.11 and 87%- the first time he has been below 90%! Our pediatrician was on maternity leave at his 1 yr appt, so when she saw him at 15 mo, she thought he had slimmed down a lot from his 9 month appt :) We also decided to turn his carseat around, facing front, after his appt and he loves being able to see us and look and point at all the cars on the road.
We went to Jared and Lisa's last weekend for dinner club and they decided to make it a hip-hop theme. We weren't real sure what "hip-hop" people wear, but Daddy and Preston sure tried! Jared and Lisa made some very delicious homeade pizzas and it was fun to watch the football games over there also. Preston, Kamden, and Presley interacted pretty well together, although I didn't get a good shot of all of them. Below are the hip-hoppers that dressed for the occasion: Steve and Presley, Lisa, Preston, Jared, Jack, and Daddy Preston loved climbing into Jersey's kennel and pretending like he was a dog :)
Aunt Molly joined us for dinner club that evening because she was going to baby-sit Preston the next 2 days- here are Preston and Molly meeting the Ringus cat, Phoebe
Kamden decided that Lisa was a very "hip" lady to hang with
I have been looking for awhile to get Preston some snow pants...I made the mistake of only buying a coat at the beginning of winter and could not find just snowpants....but Grandma D found some and they fit and match his coat perfectly!
After the blizzard passed, Mommy, Preston, and Aunt Molly went to Toddler Time at the Botanical Center. A guy from IPTV read 2 books and then the toddlers got to sing and dance. All Preston wanted to do was run out of the room, up and down the halls, but it was nice to get out of the house and see some other kids. Preston is listening intently to the story, "Click, Clack, Moo!"
Aunt Molly and Preston at the Botanical Center
It was nice to be in such a bright, warm, flowery place for awhile after that storm! There were some huge, rather disgusting, fish under this bridge.
Preston loved running over the bridge and going up the stairs

I really just wanted to try and put a video on here because my last one didn't I am not for sure what this is...Daddy and Preston being silly I think.