Thursday, August 28, 2008

Baby Care Class

Scott and I went to a Baby Care class on Tuesday. They gave us some good advice on what to expect when we go to the hospital to deliver. We also got to learn how to swaddle, change a diaper, give our little one a bath, and clean the umbilical cord.
I also got to meet my friend, Nicole (from my old work), and her 2 yr old son, Trey, for lunch today. Nicole is due in 2 weeks, but somehow my belly is much larger than hers. I hope this does not mean I will be delivering a large baby!
Josh, Traci, and Gus visited us on Sunday too because they were kind enough to give Scott a ride back from Ventura for his fantasy football draft. Gus got to break in our changing table on the pack and play. He is getting bigger every time we see him and he is so smiley, even when getting his diaper changed!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Visiting Lane, Rachel, and Kamden

We went and visited Lane, Rachel, and their new baby Kamden last Saturday. Kamden was good the whole time and only got fussy when he wanted to eat! Rachel gave us some excellent advice about the birthing process and things I never would have thought about- I am definitely going to be calling her when our baby is born! We also got to hear Lane's comedic stories about his experience going through birth! They are doing so well as new parents!
Here is Kamden and Amanda
Kamden opening his eyes to check things out I passed Kamden off to Scott when he started to get fussy:)
He was fine once he got his pacifier though

Friday, August 15, 2008

Doctor Appt

We had a dr apt yesterday and everything is going well. The doctor checked the baby's heart beat (150), measured me, and took my blood pressure. The only part I dread is when they have to weigh me! I knew I had gained too much weight from my last appt and the doctor told me I need to be eating healthy and exercising more so I don't have a huge baby. I'm pretty sure he has never been pregnant! Guess I better go on a walk tonight!
I think it was the Prairie Meadows Buffet that Scott's parents took us to on Wed night :)
Our appts will be every 2 weeks now instead of every month so we will keep you all updated!
I think we are going over to Lane and Rachel's house this weekend to see Baby Kamden. I am so excited!

Scott and Amanda

Sunday, August 10, 2008

30 Weeks

At the State Fair, watching the dog show with Jack and Jenn
In the butterfly tent- so cool! (A butterfly landed on my shoulder and my butt, and Scott is also holding one!)
A butterfly on my big tummy

Baby Shower- 28 Weeks

Paige, Molly, Jenn, and Amy put on a wonderful baby shower for me. My mom also helped out by bringing all the food and doing misc. jobs. Look at the cute decorations, unfortunately the ducks didn't float :)
Jennifer and Amanda with our big bellies.
We had some excitement at the shower when the tornado sirens went off 3 times! We had to take shelter in the bathroom, so here are the pregnant ladies trying not to get blown away.

Me and my "carriage" fruit basket.
Amy and Amanda
Amanda and her sisters
The wonderful cake that Jenn ordered. Unfortunately, she got the shingles and could not make it to the shower. The cake was so good though!

27 Weeks

Some of the Marquard Family at the Lake in Wisonsin
At the lake with the family My fishies I caught
I guess Molly caught some of them, maybe 1 :)
Basketball Belly!
Paige trying to feel our baby kick
Relaxing in the sun- it was pretty hard to get in and out of that floatie!

24 Weeks

Our latest ultrasound. The baby's foot again- he is getting bigger! Spine
Face Profile

Jennifer and Amanda at the Polk City Beach. Jennifer and Mitch are due only 4 days after our baby!

Dad's Bday

Going to Church
Amanda with her sisters, Paige and Molly, before heading to Amy's engagement party

Dad and his girls before going to eat

22 Weeks

Another ultrasound at 22 weeks. Here is his left foot.
Still a boy!
Profile shot
Left hand

18 Weeks

Scott's parents paid for us to go to an ultrasound studio because we were so excited to see our baby and find out the sex. We even got a video! The ultrasound tech gave us a preview of some 3-D shots. It was very cool!
Here is a 3-D shot of the baby sucking his thumb. It looks like he is smiling at us!
Another 3-D shot with the umbilical cord
Profile of baby
It's a boy! We were so surprised! We both thought we were having a girl!
Profile shot with his hand
Hi Mommy and Daddy

At my cousin Angela's graduation
With my sister Molly