Monday, June 21, 2010

Costa Rica

These pictures are from our trip to Costa Rica. We drove to Chicago in the middle of the night last Thursday and were in Costa Rica from Friday to Friday. My sister, Paige, lives there, so she was generous enough to book our activities, be our tour guide, and let us stay at her place in between our excursions. It was so fun and beautiful there!
This was our view from our balcony in Manuel Antonio- sweet!
Amanda and Scott outside our room overlooking the ocean
Happy Hour....every day!!
Iguanas were all over the place- this freaky one would not leave us alone at the pool.
Sisters on the balcony of our hotel
Molly and I at the pool with an oceanside view

At the restaurant at our hotel- I love the background in these next pics.
Earlier this day, we went jet-skiing on the ocean. Scott loved it, I was super scared, but am glad I can say that I did it and didn't die :)

Molly and Scott getting roughed up by the waves. The waves and riptides were huge our last day in Manuel Antonio. The lifeguard was constantly going out to save people, so we stayed pretty close to shore.
Paige taught Molly and Scott how to surf. They both did a great job and got up a few times. The pic below is Paige helping Molly to surf.
On the beach our last day in Manuel Antonio
Juan Ca, Paige's "friend," took us to a restaurant in San Jose when we returned
As you can see, Scott got a little sun
Our next little trip was to La Fortuna. We were about to hike down to see the waterfall in the background.

So amazing

The water at the falls was incredibly cold, but so clear and beautiful.

The next day we went canopying. We canopied on 10 different lines.

Also super scary, but what a thrill. I think this pic is me on the left on the zip line with a waterfall on the right.

Molly was not so good at controlling herself on the zip-line. We heard a lot of screaming and saw a lot of twirling :) She even had to go with the guide on the longest one because she got stuck on a previous long zip-line. I have video I need to post somewhere because it is funny!
It is hard to describe how scary this was for me- but at least I am smiling!!

Scott- almost to the landing on one of the lines. He loved canopying.

We rode horses back- Paige and Scott

Our last night in San Jose, Paige took us to a restaurant with a great view of the city.
Bye Bye Costa Rica :( If you want to look at more pics of our trip (like 200 more!) Click Here.

Thanks to all the grandparents for watching Preston while we were away. He had so much fun and got to do so many cool things! What did Preston do while we were gone? Grandma D took some pics to show us.
I guess it rained a lot while we were away so Preston watched from the window

Rode his "mo mo" and played outside when it wasn't raining

Went LOTS of places- baseball games, softball games, great-grandpa's house, cousins' house, parks, etc etc
Preston and Grandpa Kyle dressed alike and entered the "kiddie parade" at River Days. Too funny!
Riding a horse at the park

Mommy and Daddy got back to Greene at 4am on Sat morning. We got a couple hours of sleep, but it was River Days so we took Preston to the parade and Mommy had her 10 yr class reunion Sat night (wow- I feel old!).
Grandma D and Preston watching the parade
I also wanted to mention that right before we left we found out that our friend, Lane, was going to have surgery to remove a tumor in his brain the next week. They have since learned that it is cancerous and are going to start some kind of treatment soon.
We are thankful that his wife, Rachel, did such an awesome job of updating their blog because that was hard news to swallow and then leave the country. We got online whenever we had computer access and could see how he was doing and the information they received. So, thanks Rachel, for keeping everyone updated because you and the family are always in our thoughts. We know that their strong faith and love will get them through this difficult time, but please pray for Lane, Rachel, Kamden, and their unborn baby. You can click on their blog to the right to learn more about their story.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Last Few Weeks

The pics from this post are from the last few weeks. I have not been doing a good job lately of keeping up with the blog. Of course, busy is my excuse :) They are mostly from Memorial Day weekend in Greene and Grandpa K's Retirement party at the school. We did our final Farrell's test that weekend and both Scott and I are happy with the results. We lost some pounds and lots of inches. Now we just need to keep exercising!!!!
This climber is an early birthday present from Grandma D. Preston can climb up, slide down, and it has a basketball hoop, football throw, a place to kick the soccer ball. Neato!

Aunt "Moyee" taught Preston how to smell the flowers, so he loves to go over to the neighbors garden to smell them. Sometimes we have to run away quickly because they fall off :)

Grandpa Kyle and PK at the park in Greene

Swimming at Grandpa's. He was loving the cup so he could throw water on us :)

Then came the hose!!!
Grandpa K and GGma Mary watching Pres swim
Playing the piano with Grandma D. He likes to jive to the songs.

And he is becoming quite a pianist himself

Laughing with Aunt Moyee while eating all of her muffin
This was Grandpa's last year as the high school counselor. He retired after giving 33 years to Greene/North Butler Schools.
Congrats Grandpa Kyle!

Every Thursday at school Preston gets to bring his lunch and participate in water play. He brings his Sesame Street lunch box.

New swim attire for the summer

We just got back from Costa Rica to see Aunt Paige so I will update with pics soon!