Monday, May 24, 2010

Catching Up

I am finally tending to the blog again, I think my last post was May 1st! Time just flies by so quick. Preston is taking a nap so I have a little time this afternoon. Sorry for the long post! Our weekends have been busy by going to Tulip Time, going to Ventura to see family, and then spending time with family here. Daddy was busy with work in the evenings and Mommy was busy with class last week, so Preston got to spend some time with Grandpa Kyle. He also got to enjoy the Farmer's Market with Grandma Diane, Aunt Molly, and Great Uncle Michael and enjoyed showing off his skills to Great Aunt Dawn and Great Grandpa Dale when they visited. Preston got to see so many people this past weekend! Grandma Diane helped Mommy plant the garden and Daddy also did some landscaping while Aunt Molly watched P-dawg. This coming weekend we have our final Farrell's testing and then we need to start getting ready for our Costa Rica trip to visit Aunt Paige..we are so excited!

We went to Tulip Time the first weekend in May. The picture below is from Tulip Time last year. This picture is Preston at Tulip Time this year, same spot. He obviously still didn't want his pictures taken with the pretty flowers. This year it was really cold and kinda rainy. He did enjoy playing on the bouncy toys.

And of course he enjoyed a corn dog.

Flowers from Paige for our anniversary on the 6th. And a Mother's Day card from Preston that he made at school. Daddy and Preston also got Mommy a gift card to Jordan Creek and a massage for Mother's Day/Anniversary- woohoo!

We went back to Ventura last weekend to see Daddy's aunt, uncle, and cousin from Texas. This picture is Preston with his cousins. They did an awesome job of entertaining Preston while the adults played some games!

Playing trucks with Aunt Kristi

"This pie is delicious, Grandma Sue!"

Watching Grandpa Larry make the mo-mo (motorcycle) go Vroom

Daddy's Aunt Jean, Uncle Gerry, and Cousin Todd. It was so good to see you! We can't wait for next year!


Mommy and Preston jumping on the trampoline at his cousins' house.

Preston tried and tried to keep up with the big kids :)

Wrestling with Pooh- and he is pinned!

Uh-oh- Pooh flipped him over!

This past Friday, we went to the I-Cubs game. Preston didn't watch more than a minute of the game, but he loved to run around and run through the water.

Lovin' the water

Preston loved helping with the landscaping and garden....he is throwing dirt at Daddy and Aunt Molly is giggling in the background.

Kisses for Aunt Molly!

His new thing over the weekend was dumping his toy box out and getting in the tub.

Mommy and Preston

Tantrum because he wanted to take a picture of Daddy by himself.

Preston took this pic of Daddy (with Mommy's help:)

Sesame Street is about the only TV we let him watch..but as you can see he enjoys it, along with his snack and milk.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Happy May

I can't believe it is May already! Last weekend, Preston got to stay with Grandma Diane while Mommy and Daddy completed their 5 week testing for Farrell's and attended the Drake Relays. Grandpa Kyle works at the Relays every year so we get to watch some excellent athletes for free! Our 5 week testing was also a success- Mommy and Daddy have both lost weight, inches, and improved on our mile, sit-ups, and push-ups. There were 2 little girls born in the last couple weeks also- Hazel Dillavou and Finley Hyde. Congrats Dillavou and Hyde families! You can check out Hazel on the Dillavou blog to the right. We got Preston's 18 month pictures back last week. She took some really awesome candid photos and we love the editing she did with them. You can check them out here.
Finley Marie Hyde in the NICU- born 5 weeks early.
Preston riding his "motorcycle" at Grandma's. He also got to go to the park, visit prom, and see Great Grandpa Dale while at Grandma's! Fun Fun!
Doing some tricks on his trike at Grandpa's.
Aunt Molly even came home from college to see Preston
Preston visited Grandpa at the school and Grandma at the post office. He is riding in a mail bin at the post office in the picture.
Mommy, Daddy, and Preston went to the farmer's market this past Saturday. It is probably our most favorite thing to do in Des Moines in the summer. It was super busy, but still a good time. Preston enjoyed people and dog watching...and running around in the grass.
Preston's May Day "basket"
Preston is obsessed with bikes. He has been running over the the neighbor's constantly and trying to get on their bikes and he also runs after any bike he sees. Even though he is still a little small, we decided to break down and get him a trike. This one is awesome because he can't reach the pedals completely, but we can push him from behind. He loves it!
Pres with his new picnic table.
We visited Finley, Jack, and Jenn on Sunday. Jack giving Finley a bottle.

Jenn and Finley

Of course my child is uncooperative :)