Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Our Baby is 1 Today

This is how Preston was looking at Mommy when she was singing "Happy Birthday" to him this morning. Guess he thinks Mommy is not a very good singer :) Preston and Mommy made these strawberry cupcakes to share with his friends at daycare
Our grown up little boy
Opening presents from Mommy and Daddy
A football....
Some books....
And a horse!
Here is our sleeping angel 1 year ago.
Here is our sleeping angel today.
Dear Preston,
We are so lucky that God chose you to be our child. You bring so much joy to our life each and every day and we truly feel blessed. To us, you are perfect. We love you more than you will ever know. Happy 1st birthday baby boy!
Mommy and Daddy

Preston's Birthday Party!

This past weekend, we celebrated Preston's 1st birthday at the Adventureland Inn. We stayed in a nice big suite, but it was still not big enough for the 30+ people that came to help Preston celebrate his birthday. Thankfully some of our family also stayed in the hotel to help and hang out. This big event in our lives was a little stressful for Mommy, but I think it was a success. It was so kind and thoughtful of everyone to travel for Preston's birthday and we are blessed to have such wonderful family and friends.
Preston and his Mommy and Daddy Mikyla, Preston, and Haley
Preston's beautiful Tigger/Pooh cake and his own miniature cake
Great Grandma Mary and Great Grandpa Dale hanging out before the party
Ripping open his present
Some of the crowd watching Pres open presents
A new book
"Just what I wanted!"
He loved the singing cards. This was a Dora card from Aunt Paige, singing in Spanish of course.
"Is it time for cake yet?"
Daddy tickling Preston
"Stop singing to me!"
He was a little timid with the cake at first
And then he dove right in!
He devoured the whole cake. Pretty sure this is why he woke up in the night with a tummy ache :)
Preston and Aunt Molly
Swimming with Mikyla, Mommy, and Aunt Molly
Practicing his kick kicks

Preston didn't mind when the water poured on him and even went down the waterslide.
Watching the Iowa game that night...and what a great game it was! Preston even woke up to catch the end of it.
One exhausted boy after a long birthday weekend

Dave Matthews Concert

This past Friday, Mommy and Daddy went to the Dave Matthews Concert at Principal Park while Gpa Kyle watched Preston. They played lots of their new stuff, which we did not know much about, but it was still a good concert.
Jenn and Amanda before the concert. Yes, that is my big fishbowl drink at dinner. I decided to splurge, but I did have help drinking it! Scott and Jack
Us at the concert
What were Gpa and Preston doing while Mommy and Daddy were at the concert??
Playing with this huge ball pit that Gpa got Preston for his birthday! Fun Fun!
"Look how much room I have in here, Gpa!"

Monday, September 21, 2009

Almost over the sickness...?

Preston has been battling this cold for the past two weeks. His nose has been stuffed up while he sleeps, runny in the daytime, and he also had a pretty bad cough. Mommy took him to the doctor last week and they said he had some fluid on his ears and his throat looked red, but not enough to give him any antibiotics or anything. So, we have just been riding it out. He hasn't slept in our bed for the past 3 nights and when he woke up this morning his nose wasn't all plugged. I think it is finally starting to go away, just in time for his 1st bday party next weekend- yippee! Over the weekend, we did a lot of planning for his bday party, had some visitors, cleaned a little, watched football, and Mommy and Preston went to Amy's baby shower on Sunday. Daddy had a good surprise at work on Wednesday; he was selected to be on the Wells Fargo Financial Sales Council. Good Job Daddy!

Preston and Daddy watching the Iowa game...with Preston's 2 favorite things- cell phone and remote

Preston is fascinated with things on the ceiling and up in the air. He always points up and wants you to lift him so he can touch whatever it is.

Up high

Who can guess what Preston is going to be for Halloween?

Monday, September 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Aunt Paige!

LOVE, PRESTON We took about 25 photos and that was the best one. As you can imagine, it was hard to get Preston to sit still, look at the camera, and hold the paper. Here are some of our other shots during the photo session :)

Doing some acrobats
In the left side of the picture is the paper being thrown :)
And when he started ripping the paper up, our photo session ended.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Labor Day Weekend....Finally!

We have been pretty busy lately, so I am finally catching up on the blog. Labor Day Weekend, we traveled back to Ventura. Preston got to hang out with Grandma Sue a lot while Mommy and Daddy watched the IOWA/UNI game with friends and then went to Daddy's 10 yr class reunion that evening. Preston enjoyed going to the parade with Grandma Sue and going downtown to Ventura Fest with his cousins. Preston and Mommy took a day trip to Greene on Sunday to visit Grandpa Kyle and Aunt Molly while Daddy participated in his fantasy football draft. It was a fun-filled weekend!
"Grandpa Kyle is so goofy." Preston and Aunt Molly in their "gansta" shorts.
Daddy and his classmates
Mommy and the girls also enjoyed the night out.
Yay! We got eat breakfast with Jeremiah, Lynn, and their new baby girl, Rowan. She is so sweet...Mommy almost forgot how to handle that little of a baby! I don't think Preston was ever that little though!
Lynn and Preston...he was trying to take her money :)Grandma Sue and Preston snuggling

Cousin Zach feeding Preston

Cousin Haley and Preston looking outside

Preston has learned how to push toy cars, trucks, and tractors around. He likes to crash them into each other.
Uncle Shawn and Preston...just a short time ago he was afraid to even look at Uncle Shawn.
Great Grandpa and Grandma Eichmeier also came over to eat lunch on Monday.
4 Generations of Eichmeier's
We decided to get some pictures as long as we were all together.
Eichmeier Clan (except Mommy because she was taking the pic)
Great Grandma Doris and Great Grandpa Louis with Preston
Grandpa and Grandma Eichmeier and their grandkids
Family Picture