Monday, April 19, 2010

18 Months

Preston had his 18 month checkup last week. Here are his numbers: Height- 34 inches and in the 91st percentile, Weight- 29.4 lbs and in the 88th percentile. At least he is tall too! Our pediatrician told us that since he is a "bigger child" (pretty sure those are the words she used:) we can switch him to 1% or 2% milk. He got a couple shots, which got him pretty ticked at the nurse and he gave her a mean look. Other than that, he is right on target for everything else. We also went over to Grimes to get his 18 month pictures done outside. Needless to say, he wasn't that cooperative- he didn't want to smile, sit, or pose, and I am pretty sure we didn't get 1 family picture that turned out because he was screaming. Just hoping that she got some good candids of him running around because that is all he wants to do now! We are enjoying this beautiful spring weather and playing outside A LOT- riding our bikes, stroller rides, toy car rides, firetruck rides, wagon rides, playing catch, writing with chalk, playing with the neighbors, going to the playground, watching trucks and school buses, etc, etc. Mommy bought Preston a new little picnic table which should be fun for picnics outside this summer.
Preston LOVES watching trucks outside- mail, garbage, cement, pick-up, it doesn't matter. This day, he saw the garbage cans outside waiting to be dumped so he knew the garbage truck was coming. He wouldn't leave the window so he had to eat breakfast by it so he wouldn't miss the garbage truck going by. The garbage truck came 2 hours later just as we were leaving for was a long morning.
Daddy and Preston playing the "chase" game.

Wagon ride to feed the ducks....although I don't think much of that bread was left for the ducks after Preston got a hold of it!

Showing off his new haircut for his pictures
Once again, watching trucks outside with his own truck. The neighbors are putting in a garage, so there are lots of trucks for him to watch right now.
Hawaiian Day at school-he wore a cool Costa Rica shirt! And he brought a lei for each one of his friends.
Kisses for Daddy

Toddler Plumber crack....trying to get up in the chair and mess with the new computer Daddy built.
Strolling with Grandpa Kyle on a beautiful day

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Weekend

Easter weekend was a blast. Preston got to participate in so many fun activities and he loved it. He didn't want to cooperate for many pictures over the weekend and his scraped nose was in its prime for Easter weekend. Oh, memories!

Heading to the Easter Egg Hunt in Greene Meeting Brecken at the Egg Hunt
The Easter Egg hunt lasted about 30 seconds. He did get 4 eggs though, and even shared 1 with Brecken.

Grandpa and Preston in matching I said..not very cooperative.

Pretty flowers Grandma

Aunt Molly and Preston playing outside

"Look what the Easter Bunny brought me Grandma!"

Preston was a little messy dying the eggs. He enjoyed throwing the eggs into the cup and making a big splash :)

At the park


Preston got these Sesame Street bathtime paints for Easter and liked decorating himself and Grandpa's tub.

Aunt Molly got him some golf clubs to go along with his outfit

Preston, Daddy, Mommy, and Aunt Molly

Aunt Molly and Preston were tired after church

Hunting for eggs at Great Grandma's

Baby ducks!

Look how cute that duck is!

We had to remind Preston to be "gentle" with the ducks :)

Update on Farrell's

We have completed 2 weeks of our Farrell's Xtreme Bodyshaping. They are hard workouts, but we already feel much better and healthier. It is definitely hard to go at 5 and 6 in the morning, so that has been an adjustment. Sometimes Scott and I take turns going at night because our coaches told us we could go at anytime, as long as we are going once a day. Five and six in the morning are also their busiest times so sometimes it is nice to go when you have more room to punch and kick! The eating part is the hardest for me because I like to eat what I want, and it is usually not that healthy. We have to eat 6 small meals a day and we each have a number of grams we have to meet each meal for protein and carbs (healthy ones of course). And some veggies throughout the day. Scott and I both look forward to our "free" day, where we can eat what we want. Easter was especially hard, though! I met with the nutritionist at HyVee last week and she gave me some healthy options, which was very helpful.
Grandma Sue and Preston reading books Grandpa Larry and Preston playing
We went to Carlos O'Kelly's to watch UNI play Kansas. Preston got this sweet balloon after they won! He loved it.
Preston practicing his "Farrell's" moves
Watching basketball

Daddy went to the UNI/Michigan State game with a couple of his friends. He had a great time even though they lost.

Grandpa Kyle and Preston going for a cruise
Preston found some dirt and thought it would be fun to throw at Gpa.

1st day in shorts

Then this happened....skinned nose, head, knee, and arm...ouchie. Just in time for Easter.