Monday, April 27, 2009

Drake Relays

This weekend was the Drake Relays. Grandpa Kyle gets us tickets every year since he is an umpire so Daddy took off work on Friday so we could all go. As you all know, it was VERY HOT on Friday, with temps in the high 80's. We weren't sure how Preston was going to handle the heat, but he did excellent! He just sat there and watched all the action. We lathered Preston up with sunscreen, but Mommy and Daddy forgot to put sunscreen on themselves. Mommy got very burnt since she had a tank top on and is in pure pain now! We stayed for a few hours, got to see Grandpa Kyle and some good races. Good thing we picked Friday to go because Saturday it rained all day and Grandpa got soaked! As I said before we had lots of visitors this week, Grandpa Larry even got to hang out on Wed and watch Preston at swimmming lessons.
Here is Mommy and Preston at the Drake Relays Preston watching the races
Cooling off after a hot day at Drake
Jasmine and Preston lounging in the cool breeze
Our new TV Daddy just had to get!
It rained so much this weekend, these ducks thought our front yard was a pond!

Grandma Diane feeding Preston his evening bottle
Feeding the ducks and geese, then the geese started chasing us for more food so Preston and Mommy had to run!
Cool Dude!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


The Eichmeier family had a busy weekend for Easter. On Friday night, they went to Grandma and Grandpa Eichmeier's house. Mommy and Daddy even got to go hang out with Brad, Jared, and Lisa for a little adult interaction. On Saturday, Preston had an Easter egg hunt with his cousins and he got to eat some big boy food for Easter lunch. Then, we headed over to Grandma Diane's in Greene for another Easter egg hunt and dinner with the Dixon family. On Sunday, we went to church and then went over to Great-Grandma Mary's for another Easter egg hung and Easter lunch. After this, we headed home to get some rest! We got to see a lot of family over the weekend, but we sure did miss Aunt Molly in Peru, and Aunt Paige and Grandpa Kyle in Texas!
Look how many eggs Preston and Daddy found! Easter Egg hunt with Cousins

Aunt Kristi feeding Preston his favorite snack

Cousins: Keegan, Grant, Preston, Zach, and Haley
Preston gets so much love- it's hard to keep your hands off those chubby little cheeks!

Zach and Preston

Haley and Preston

Big smile with Keegan

Family pic after church

Grandma D and Preston

Great Grandma Mary and Preston

We have little chicks or ducklings at Easter every year! So cute!

Preston and the duckling Daddy would not let Mommy put his ears on him at Easter, but I had to get a picture of him on Easter with his ears, even if we were at home and in our pjs!

6 months old

Preston turned 6 months old while our computer was being fixed so I wanted to update everyone on his stats. He was just shy of 22 pounds (97th percentile) and 27 inches long (75th percentile). So....he is still a big boy. Since he is a big boy now, the doctor said we could start trying all kinds of foods- 3rd foods and even some table food. Preston did enjoy some tators and jello at Easter dinner, and also tried a little piece of banana. He just had his first 3rd food- chicken noodle with veggies- the first food he has really had to chew- good thing he has 6+ teeth! He must have liked it though because he started grabbing the spoon and trying to feed himself. He tries to do that at every meal now, which makes it very messy! He has also started drinking juice out of the sippy cup- which he loves. Since he is eating a lot more food, he has cut down on formula (Mommy stopped breastfeeding the day Preston turned 6 months)- which is a plus for the bank account! The doctor did inform us that he still needs to drink about 24 ounces of formula a day because that is where most of his nutrition comes from. Preston is also pretty good at sitting up now and can roll both ways (finally)! He has also learned to cruise around his activity center so he can choose which toys he wants to play with. He is such a happy and easy-going baby that Scott and I joke that our next child will probably cry all the time or be colicky because Preston is too good to be true!
Daddy and Preston sleeping in on a Sunday Sitting up

Mommy's friend, Jenn, got her this funny shirt when Mommy told her she was pregnant. We decided to try it on one night- it barely fit him- hence, all the rolls!

Then, Aunt Paige got him the same shirt, except in Spanish! Still didn't really fit....fat baby in a little shirt :)

Preston is intrigued by this frog- you plug your ipod into it and it plays the music and lights up- pretty cool!
My mom is hilarious!

Grandpa Kyle feeding Preston some cereal
Practicing for his pictures

Swim Baby!

Yay- we got our computer back, about 2 weeks later than the computer guy told us (which caused Mommy a lot of stress) but at least we have it now! Mommy should be working on her really late casenotes, but instead she is updating the blog because she is tired of thinking! She just spent 2 days working on a math unit that was due tonight in class. I will try to update the blog from the last 3-4 weeks in the next couple of days. Baby swim lessons are now going very well for Preston. He likes the water and has learned many new things (front/back float, kicking, splashing, jumping off the side, going under water, passing under water, songs, etc). Grandpa Kyle even came to watch swim lessons last week and got some good footage of Preston, Mommy, and Daddy in the water. We will have lots of company this week as Grandma Diane came to stay with us on Sunday, Grandpa Larry is coming tomorrow, and Grandpa Kyle came on Monday and is staying with us over the weekend while officiating the Drake Relays. Preston is going to attend his first Drake Relays on Friday and will maybe even get to see his 2nd cousin Hillary run in the track meet. It is supposed to be a beautiful day with temps in the high 80's! Fun Fun!
So excited for swim lessons in his new gear!
Not so excited in the water at his first lesson He cried at his first lesson, so we took him out of the water to observe
Now......he loves swim lessons!
Preston and Daddy cruising in the water
Yippee- Preston goes under water!
Here is also a video of Preston going under water (or being dunked).

Front float!

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Our laptop is broken so it has been impossible for Mommy to do her casenotes or update the blog with pictures or videos. We set up our desktop computer for internet, but it won't let me respond to anyone on facebook and it is hard to check my email. So- sorry to everyone that has been contacting me, it is hard to respond right now. Hopefully the part comes in this weekend and our computer will be up and running. Mommy had a stressful day today when she left her phone at a school when meeting with a client and then locking her keys in her car while looking for her phone. Thank goodness for her coworker Erin because she took Mommy to Altoona to get her keys and phone and then back to the office after Twinkle Tots. Good thing Mommy doesn't have anything scheduled until Tuesday because today was crazy! Like I said before, Preston started water babies swim lessons on Monday. It was not so fun on Monday; Preston cried and did not enjoy getting splashed by the older tots. Wednesday was much better; Preston did not cry at all and Mommy and Daddy both got in the water to keep him company. They decided to split the group in half so now there are only babies in the group, not those splashing tots! We learned different ways to hold Preston in the water including the front and back float. He also got to play with duckies and met the goal of getting his chin wet! I will try to post photos this weekend if our computer is fixed!