Sunday, January 24, 2010

Little Monkey

This little monkey loves to climb- Preston climbs on everything now, as you can see by the pictures. Most of his climbing is not very safe! Our last few weeks have been good. Staying home for snow days, family visitors, and Mommy and Daddy have both enjoyed some nights out with friends.
Climbing onto the chair to look out the window
Climbing onto the speakers to turn on/off the TV
"Help Mom, I'm stuck!"
On Grandpa's cooler
We are going to have to start strapping this monkey in!
Preston recently became brave enough to climb from the speaker to the TV stand. He fell off a couple days ago, but laughed. Can't take your eyes off him for a minute!
Gpa Kyle reading books with P-dawg
New slippers from Gma Diane!
Aunt Molly got these giant cardboard blocks for Preston for Christmas. It took Aunt Molly, Aunt Paige, and Grandma a looong time to put them together!
Preston riding his horse along to Aunt Paige's awesome singing :) Aunt Paige went back to Costa Rica after this and we miss her already!
"Don't I look so intelligent in your glasses, Grandma D?"
Uncle Shawn helped Daddy install our new bathtub last weekend and we are so grateful! Thank you Uncle Shawn! Preston loved knocking down Uncle Shawn's tall towers.
While Daddy and Uncle Shawn worked, Aunt Kristi, Grant, Mommy, and Preston went to Jumpin' Jacks in Urbandale. Most of the jumpers were too big for Preston, but there was a toddler area and he still had fun watching all the kids. This will be a good way to get all his energy out in the winter when he gets a little older.
Grant and Preston
Jump Jump Jump
The jumpers were just right for Grant and he enjoyed it!
Sesame Street, juice, and crackers before daycare
Taking a nap on his Sesame couch
Speaking of monkeys, this little monkey moved up to the 15 mo-2 yr old room at day care- the ZOO crew! He has adjusted really well and we love his new lead teacher. Mommy was a little nervous at first because they sleep on cots, but the teacher said that they would not let Preston sleep on a cot until 18 mo. This room is also bigger and has much cooler toys than the baby room! This is his first day at Zoo Crew- look at that smile!
This past Friday was Beach Day at daycare. Preston got to wear his beach outfit and bring a beach towel.
The staff at daycare said Preston had a perma-smile on his face while they played in the water, sand, and with bubbles.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Brrrrr..It's Too Cold!

Mommy and Preston took a "snow day" today. Actually, Mommy hasn't worked very much this week at all, which has been nice, but not for paying the bills! Preston was not in a very good mood today- he has a cold and yucky stuff coming from his eyes, and I think he may be getting some more molars- ouch! We watched Sesame Street and did a lot of snuggling today. Not sure what tomorrow will bring- I see some schools have already been cancelled and it is supposed to be bitterly cold.
Mommy and Daddy enjoyed spending time together while Preston stayed with Gma Diane and Gpa Kyle in Greene. We got to hang out with Jared and Lisa on a week night to watch the Nebraska game and go out to eat on New Year's Eve (although, like old people, we went to Texas Road House at 4pm to beat the crowds :) Then, we just watched movies all night, and it was a great feeling just laying on the couch, not having to get up for anything. I thought I would be more upset to be away from Preston for a couple days, but I think every parent needs a break sometimes, and I enjoyed myself! Mommy then traveled to Greene on New Years Day to spend the weekend with the family and bring Preston home.
Silly Aunt Paige
Aunt Paige, Aunt Molly, and Mommy went to the movie, Avatar, on Saturday night. Mommy really didn't want to go to that particular movie, but ended up liking it. It was even fun to wear the 3D glasses. But, oh boy was it cold when we came out of the theater, -12 degrees! It is almost too much for Aunt Paige, who is used to the warm temps in Costa Rica and Texas.
Preston sporting his Iowa Hawkeye gear for the bowl game
We went over to Lane and Rachel's on Tuesday night to watch Iowa kick butt against Georgia Tech. Kamden and Preston actually played very well together. Kamden introduced Preston to crayons and stickers- so fun.
Such cheesers!
It was a miracle we got 2 pictures of them both smiling and looking! Silly boys!
Daddy and Mommy found this Cookie Monster at Menards yesterday for 1/2 off. We weren't planning on giving it to him just yet, but Mommy forgot to hide it and he found it.
Giving Cookie some love

Helping Mommy cook dinner tonight
What good help Mommy has!
"Why can't I open these, Mommy?!"