Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Preston's 2 Year Pics

If you would like to see Preston's 2 year pictures, click here.
Manday Smith Photography took them and she did a great job! Bribing Preston with M&M's worked better than I could have ever hoped! :)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Rest of Summer Pics

Yep, it's been 2 months again since I blogged and we are still too busy. But, I am trying to catch up. So many events have happened and I want to document them all, so here is my attempt. This post is basically a bunch of pictures from the summer that I still haven't put up...then there is Preston's 2 yr birthday party that I need to update........ahh!
Papa Kyle giving Pres a ride on the mower
Riding his pink "mo mo" with Aunt Molly

Riding Papa's "Momo"

Fun at Altoona Palooza

Car show at Altoona Palooza

Playing with his cousin Zach

Trying on his cousin Haley's hair bow for pretty :)
Haley and Aunt Kristi got to spend a few days with us when Haley had cheerleading camp!
Preston loved having Haley around!

She went along with everything Preston wanted her to do...playing "mo mo's" below

Preston's first concert....Hairball at the State Fair. We didn't stay much longer, I felt too much like a white trash mother :)
Preston in the baby cow cage!

Mommy, Preston, Aunt Moyee, and a BIG pumpkin

Preston's favorite part of the fair...the big slide. And it was only $5 a ride! :)
"Don't lick my shoes piggy!"
"Wow, that pig is big!"
Gotta love those fried mac & cheese bites! Mmm fair food

Hanging out with Nana Didi and Great Gpa Dale

Parade in Altoona with Adrian and Jennifer
Taking a break from playing for a snack
Papa Kyle brought me a Norse hat!

Raise the roof for the Iowa Cubs!
Lovin that Iowa sweet corn!

One afternoon we took Preston to Union Park for a picnic and to ride the carousel

Mommy and Daddy in Cedar Falls for Daddy's 30th birthday
Lynn and Rowan all smiles
Brad and Kami's 1 year anniversary :)

Mommy took Preston to a tumbling class this summer
He had fun bouncing around and playing

Helping Mommy make pancakes for Daddy one morning

At the horse races

Preston loved watching the horses up close
Visiting Finley and Jenn- when Mommy picked Finley up to hold her, Preston started crying and threw himself into a wall. A little jealous, huh?

Preston saw Finley sitting in her bumbo seat, so he had to get his out when we got home :)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Auntie Paige!

Preston wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday Aunt Paige! We love and miss you! Hope you had a great day!

Note before the video: He kept saying 'more' because we might have bribed him with food :)

And he has a flashlight with him because he likes to tease the kitty with it (she runs around in circles and up the wall and he thinks it is hilarious!)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Busy Busy Bees!

I know, I know. We have not blogged FOREVER! We have been so busy that as a rule, I told myself I could not get on the internet until I have everthing done, and that has never happened, so I am cheating and blogging now. On August 9th, I started my reading practicum for 2 weeks and then on August 22nd I started student teaching in kindergarten at Hillis Elementary. So, I am going to school during the day and trying to get some part-time hours at work in the evenings. Student teaching is going well, though, and I love my cooperating teacher. I just keep telling myself that if we can get through the next 4 months, everything will work out :) Money is tight, our house is a mess, and there is not enough time to do all my work! When December comes it will be such a relief. Preston also had to start full time day care in August, but he is absolutely loving it! For some reason, he is a getting along a lot better at day care since he has started full time. He loves eating breakfast at day care (don't ask me why) and is excited to get out the door when I remind him of that. He has never cried when I have left and he has even kissed me goodbye and told me 'bye bye' before I have wanted to leave. It makes me a little sad, but it is better than him screaming when I leave! His teacher said he is talking so much more now and has become very social, which is awesome and makes me feel a little less guilty for leaving him there full time. I miss him him a lot though and try to spend as much quality time with him as I can in the evenings and on the weekend.
Daddy has been such a great help since Mommy started student teaching and this prevents Mommy from losing her mind! And Daddy got some great news last week at work- he got a promotion! It couldn't have come at a better time! Congrats Daddy. We are so proud of you and how hard you work to support your family. Daddy had to take a week-long trip to Memphis the last week in August for work (the week that my students started school!), but he had fun and Wells Fargo treated him very well there. I think this trip is what sealed his promotion! Grandpa Kyle came and stayed with Mommy and Preston that week so Mommy could get some part-time hours in after school, so thanks Papa Kyle! Not much else to share at the Eichmeier household. Next weekend, I take my Praxis test at Luther College to get licensed to teach so we are going to spend the weekend in Decorah for family weekend. I have many pics to share from summer, especially from our trip to Wisconsin. Hopefully they will go up before December :) Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the start to fall and football season!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Balsam Lake 2010

So, since I am on a bloggy roll, I decided to finish the Balsam Lake pictures I had downloaded like a month ago. Enjoy! It was super fun with all the Marquard Fam and we can't wait for next year.
This is how we kept Preston quiet on the way to Balsam Lake, Wisconsin. We didn't let him eat the whole container of Pringles, just half :) He really was a good rider though, slept most of the time.
Love the sunsets at the lake
Playing on the porch
Papa Kyle and Preston looking at the lake
Great Nana Mary enjoying the nice weather
Row, row, row the boat
On the beach
Aunt Moyee and P Diddley swimming
Ride on Great Uncle Randy's boat!
Lovin his boat ride
Campfire at night
This picture makes me want to go back right now- it was so relaxing!

Preston loved touching the fishies and throwing them back in the water
Looking at the big fish that Great Uncle Jeff caught- and beautiful sunset in the background
Snack by the campfire
Marquard Family shot
Papa Kyle's Family with Great Gma Mary
Preston and "Ky Ky" playing
Daddy and Preston playing on the beach
Preston and Ky Ky swimming
Pontoon Ride
Driving the pontoon with Papa Kyle
Sister pic- Aunt Paige had even dyed her hair blonde!
"The pontoon boat is making me very sleepy."
And he's out
Swimming off the boat

One evening, there was a bad storm. It was pretty scary and we had to sit in between the door frame because we thought the windows might crash in. When we went into town, there was a lot of damage- trees uprooted and roofs blown off. You can see how weird the sky looks in this picture.

Preston and Papy Kyle showing off their fish
Daddy and Preston being goofy

Our cabin

Preston caught his first fish
"Ooh Daddy, I can see it!"
"Yay, a fish!"
"Look at my fish."
"I'll just take the hook out myself."
Papa rigged this little pole with a fish so Preston could catch it :) It was so fun for him that he threw the pole back in about 10 times and caught it again!
Paddle boat ride- Mommy, Pres, and his aunties paddled out to a water trampoline and Preston was not afraid to jump on it or jump in the water. Our brave little fishy!
Fun with Chalk- his hat says, "Grandpa's Fishing Buddy."
Last pic before Aunt Paige left to go back to Costa Rica
Paige and Grandma