Saturday, August 14, 2010

Balsam Lake 2010

So, since I am on a bloggy roll, I decided to finish the Balsam Lake pictures I had downloaded like a month ago. Enjoy! It was super fun with all the Marquard Fam and we can't wait for next year.
This is how we kept Preston quiet on the way to Balsam Lake, Wisconsin. We didn't let him eat the whole container of Pringles, just half :) He really was a good rider though, slept most of the time.
Love the sunsets at the lake
Playing on the porch
Papa Kyle and Preston looking at the lake
Great Nana Mary enjoying the nice weather
Row, row, row the boat
On the beach
Aunt Moyee and P Diddley swimming
Ride on Great Uncle Randy's boat!
Lovin his boat ride
Campfire at night
This picture makes me want to go back right now- it was so relaxing!

Preston loved touching the fishies and throwing them back in the water
Looking at the big fish that Great Uncle Jeff caught- and beautiful sunset in the background
Snack by the campfire
Marquard Family shot
Papa Kyle's Family with Great Gma Mary
Preston and "Ky Ky" playing
Daddy and Preston playing on the beach
Preston and Ky Ky swimming
Pontoon Ride
Driving the pontoon with Papa Kyle
Sister pic- Aunt Paige had even dyed her hair blonde!
"The pontoon boat is making me very sleepy."
And he's out
Swimming off the boat

One evening, there was a bad storm. It was pretty scary and we had to sit in between the door frame because we thought the windows might crash in. When we went into town, there was a lot of damage- trees uprooted and roofs blown off. You can see how weird the sky looks in this picture.

Preston and Papy Kyle showing off their fish
Daddy and Preston being goofy

Our cabin

Preston caught his first fish
"Ooh Daddy, I can see it!"
"Yay, a fish!"
"Look at my fish."
"I'll just take the hook out myself."
Papa rigged this little pole with a fish so Preston could catch it :) It was so fun for him that he threw the pole back in about 10 times and caught it again!
Paddle boat ride- Mommy, Pres, and his aunties paddled out to a water trampoline and Preston was not afraid to jump on it or jump in the water. Our brave little fishy!
Fun with Chalk- his hat says, "Grandpa's Fishing Buddy."
Last pic before Aunt Paige left to go back to Costa Rica
Paige and Grandma

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