Tuesday, January 20, 2009


So- I have not been staying on top of updating the blog, so I am just now getting around to uploading pics from New Year's day. Sorry everyone- I will try to do better! We went over to the Noel residence for the Iowa bowl game and here are some pics of the babies.
Preston really enjoyes sucking on his hands now So many pictures- Preston is not sure where to look!

Preston, Adrian, and Kamden. Notice how Preston and Adrian are holding hands :)

Adrian and Preston hanging out

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Preston Gets Baptized

Preston's godmothers: Aunt Kristi, Aunt Paige, and Aunt Molly
Preston was baptized on December 28th, 2008. Unfortunately, we were not able to have the Dixon Christmas the night before because of the yucky weather, but thankfully we did make it back for Preston's baptism! We rented a room from the church and had a small reception after the service. Preston did a great job during church! He didn't cry at all and even fell asleep after he was baptized. Thanks to everyone who made the trip to watch Preston get baptized. And also thanks to Aunts Kristi, Paige, and Molly for being Preston's sponsors! He is very lucky to have so many people in his life that care about him! That's why there are so many pictures!

Cutie-pie in his white tux before the baptism I did such a great job in church- yay!

Mom and Dad figuring out how to put Preston's tux on

Preston getting baptized

Such a good boy in church!

Grandparents and Baby P

Daddy and PK

Eichmeier Family before the service
Grandpa Larry and Preston

Grandma Sue and Preston- thanks for making the trip! We know it was probably hard and painful to travel all the way here!

The Eichmeier Family and Pastor Mark

Christmas Tree Veggie Pizza

Look at all that yummy food everyone made!

Presy's beautiful cake
Grant found some blocks at the church to entertain himself

Aunt Molly and PK
Great Uncle Michael even got to see Preston get baptized
Great-Grandma Mary and Preston
Grandma Diane and Preston
Mommy, Daddy, and Preston opening his gifts
Grandpa Kyle and Preston Kyle
Sister Love :)

Hangin' Out

Daddy had to go back to work the Friday after Christmas, so Mommy and Preston got to hang out in Greene for a few days. We just hung out with family and made food for Preston's baptism.
Here's Pooh Bear sitting in that dang car seat! Aunt Paige and Preston.
Preston enjoyed touching Grandpa Kyle's nice lion kitty, Lar Bear, with his feet. So soft!

Aunt Kristi got this cute little cow outfit for Preston at Christmas.
Cow Butt! Moo!
Aunt Molly giving PK a kiss

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas in Greene

We hope everyone had a safe and wonderful holiday! We had a great time by celebrating at Great Grandma Mary's house on Christmas Eve and then with both Grandma Diane and Grandpa Kyle on Christmas Day. It was Preston's 1st time in church on Christmas Eve and he did very well- Daddy just had to stand up with him for a little bit. He did get sick of getting in and out of his carseat because of the massive traveling we did for about a week and now screams every time we put him in it. Poor guy!
Daddy got some lovely "Hawkeye undies" in his white elephant gift on Christmas Eve Grandpa Kyle got Mommy and Daddy some warm Norwegian sweaters
Grandpa Kyle and PK
Grandma Diane and Preston
Santa Baby!
Yay! A basketball hoop for Preston!
Mommy and Preston before church
Eichmeier Fam on Christmas Eve
The whole Marquard Family!
All the cousins
Marquard Fam

Saturday, January 3, 2009

I love my Aunties!

Aunt Paige and Aunt Molly came to babysit Preston a couple days before Christmas so Mommy and Daddy could go to work. Little did Mommy know, they had never even changed Preston's diaper! They did a great job keeping Preston entertained and comfortable though while Mommy was away. She did make them practice changing poopey diapers before she left though :) Preston had his aunties wrapped around his finger by making them stand up with him most of the day and also hold him while he was sleeping- what a smart boy! I think I heard Aunt Molly sum it up after watching Preston for 2 days by saying "Taking care of a baby is hard work!"
Aunt Paige and Preston
Daddy and Mommy took Preston, Aunt Paige, and Aunt Molly to the light show in Des Moines. Then we went out for Mexican food after that.
Molly and Preston looking at the lights
Preston did not want his aunties to leave him! Mommy needs to start pulling her hair back because Preston sure likes to get a hold of it now!
Molly rocking Preston
Kisses from his aunts

Paige watching Pres swing- it is a miracle they got to put him down for a little bit!

On the eve before Christmas Eve, we have started a tradition of making lefse with Great Grandma Marquard.

Paige, Molly, Great Grandma Mary, Preston, and Mikyla showing off their lefse making skills.