Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Festivities

It has been awhile since I updated the blog...we have been pretty busy with work, school, and trying to have some fun in our spare time with friends and family. Last weekend we went to Adrian Noel's 1st bday party and then Sunday, Gpa and Gma Eichmeier visited and attended Night Eyes at the zoo with us. This week we helped Preston carve his 1st pumpkin and then tonight was our Beggar's Night. We visited Eric and Laura Engels first and then our little lion got to hand out candy to a whopping 6 kids! Pretty sad! But, after Mommy goes to class tomorrow, Preston and Mommy are going to head to Greene to possibly trick-or-treat and go to a Halloween Carnival.
Here is the birthday girl in her Iowa cheer outfit Preston supporting the Hawkeyes
Adrian was pretty excited about this card-she must have known it had some money in it. Preston and Kamden enjoyed watching (and helping) Adrian open her gifts.
Preston stayed up until 10pm at the Noel residence. Daddy just had to stay and watch the entire Iowa game and then celebrate after. Mommy did enjoy hanging out with the girls, though. Preston did a good job going right back to sleep when we got home. Here he is the only child still up...just pushing Adrian's lion around.
Preston and Gpa Larry before Night Eyes
He kept trying to feed the goats his candy
Then Gma got some real food to feed the llama, goats, and whatever else was in there.
Then he tried to eat the goat food, yuck! "Here Daddy, eat some candy!"
On the train..where we got to see real lions
The zoo had a toddler area where little ones could climb in and jump/play around. We were a little nervous to put Preston in it because if he would have got stuck or cried it would have been difficult to get to him, but he did a good job navigating around by himself. He tried and tried and tried to climb up these stairs to get to the slide.
And he finally made it! Then he went down face first. You can see Mommy in the background trying to see what he is doing.
Family picture
Gma Sue, Preston, Gpa Larry, and Daddy
"Are we going to carve all these pumpkins!"
Digging out the goop
"What is this stuff?"
Getting waaay down in there
Here is the pumpkin that Preston "carved." Mommy held his hand and he got to draw his face..that is why everything looks a little crooked :) He did do the ear by himself though...just one ear.
Preston and his pumpkin
Preston and Mommy
Preston also dressed up tonight to hand out candy
This is a video of Preston walking. He is getting better and better at it. I just noticed today that he usually chooses to walk to get somewhere now instead of crawl.

Monday, October 19, 2009

1 Year Pictures

This past weekend was pretty relaxing. Gpa Kyle and Aunt Molly stayed overnight with us on Friday night because Luther played Central on Saturday. Saturday the Eichmeier family watched the big Hawks game and Daddy was very pleased with the results. On Sunday, we took Preston to get his 1 yr pictures at Portrait Innovations. They came out pretty good, but it is much harder to get Preston to sit still and look at the camera now. The lady was trying to get him to just stand there and smile-but he was not going to do that. He kept taking off and walking (or more like running) to us. Then we went over to Lane and Rachel's house for dinner club..and they made us steaks- yummy! Mommy just got done cleaning up puke in the ball pit...yep, Preston puked. Not little baby puke either, his first "big boy" puke. Not sure what the deal is- he didn't eat very good over the weekend, hasn't really eaten at all today, and I have counted 5 teeth that he is now cutting. He doesn't have a fever, though, so that is good. I gave him some orajel earlier because he was cranky and I thought his teeth hurt. He doesn't act like his tummy hurts- he thew a tantrum when I tried to get him out of the ball pit because he wanted to keep the puke. I guess time will tell- hopefully this is as worse as it gets. He is sleeping now, so maybe he will wake up and be feelin' good! :)
Here is the link to his pictures. Not sure how long he will sleep so this will be much easier!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

Mommy and Preston spent some quality time together this past weekend. Daddy went tailgating for the Iowa game on Saturday and then stayed overnight at his friend's house, so it was just Mommy and Preston. We basically just played all day, didn't leave the house from Friday afternoon until Sunday- because it was too cold! On Sunday, Gma Diane and Aunt Molly came down because Gma bought us tickets to see Wicked at the Civic Center. It was wonderful and very entertaining! Sunday afternoon, we decided to bare the cold and take Preston to a Pumpkin Patch. Preston is getting so close to walking- we don't think it will be long- he is able to take 6-7 steps at a time now and is getting more brave every day. We are not pushing it though-we have enough trouble chasing him around when he is crawling and if he starts walking, that means he is not a baby anymore :( He is getting so smart also- this weekend I asked him to bring me his socks to put on him and he crawled right over to them and brought them back to me. He kept trying to put his socks, hat, and bib on by himself this weekend also- which was hilarious. (He also kept trying to put his mittens on his feet, but hey, they look like socks, right?) Daddy also asked him to go get a book last night and guess what- he crawled over to his books and got 2 out to read. It is so cool to watch him figure things out like that- even if they are as simple as socks and books! Just one more short story about Preston- I tried to teach him wear his belly button is one day by pointing to his and pointing to mine. But now, if you ask him where his belly button is, he will only lift up my shirt (or whoever is asking) and point to it, he will never show you his belly button. I picked him up at daycare one day and the staff said he kept trying to lift up their shirts (embarrassing!). I had to explain the story to them and that he was trying to see their belly button by lifting up their shirt. So- now we are just trying to get Preston to only point to his own belly button because lifting up women's shirts' could lead to some problems later in life!
Mommy was giving Preston a bath on Saturday night and we were talking about how many touchdowns Iowa was going to score that night.Preston was so wore out from all the playing he decided to take a nap right on the living room floor- Mommy was trying to keep him up until after lunch, but he sure showed her! As you can see, Preston is still in his pjs- which both of us stayed in all day! It was so nice.
Preston and the gigantic pumpkins
Someone (Aunt Molly or Gma) said "touchdown"
Mommy and Preston with the pumpkins
"I want to go see those big pumpkins, Aunt Molly."
So many pumpkins

And Kitties!
We decided to go to the patch and pick the pumpkins out ourselves- here is the one that Preston picked out.
Walking back to the car after picking out our pumpkins

Luther, Vikings, and Packers

Yay- we finally got our computer back. Good thing it was free to get it fixed! These pictures are from a couple weeks ago when we visited Molly at Luther. Then, Daddy, Gpa Kyle, and Gpa Larry went to the Vikings vs. Packers game.
Great Grandma Mary and Preston in Molly's dorm room. The Luther sweatshirt that Preston is wearing was one that Mommy wore when she was little, like 25 yrs ago! It was raining, so we stayed inside during the football game. Preston got a new football so he enjoyed throwing it around and crawling around the Union.
As you can see, Preston is trying to bite Aunt Molly in this picture. This is a problem we have had recently; Preston has even drawn blood from both Mommy and Daddy. Luckily, we have not had any problems at day care yet! Preston is getting another tooth on the bottom so this may play a part in the biting..but he also thinks it is funny.
Nerdy Aunt Molly before her formal..she didn't really wear that hat to the formal..I don't think
The family on Sunday after eating a big breakfast
We then traveled to Greene, where Daddy and Preston enjoyed playing dominos with the Jenga blocks
Great Gpa Dale visited while Daddy and the Gpa's were at the game
Gpa Larry and the Viking
View of the Vikings/Packers game

Friday, October 9, 2009

Dumb Computer.....

So, our laptop computer is not working...again! It is currently in the "shop" and we are waiting to see what needs to be replaced. Hopefully it is the same thing as last time so it will be free (because it shouldn't break after 2 months!) It is so frustrating, especially when I rely on my computer for work and school...and to blog! So, no pics of Preston for awhile :( Anyways, last weekend was fun fun. We went to Homecoming at Luther to visit Molly and then we hung out in Greene while Daddy, Gpa Kyle, and Gpa Larry went to the Vikings/Packers game. They had a great time and said that the atmosphere was eclectic! Too bad the Packers lost :( But Daddy and Gpa Larry enjoyed seeing the Vikings win. In other news, Preston had his 1 yr appt on Wednesday. He got 3 shots, the flu shot, and a finger poke to check for lead. That was not fun, but they said everything looks good and he is on track. Preston's Stats: 26.1 lbs (90th percentile-of course!) and 31 inches (75th-90th percentile). He started on whole milk (which he is not sure of yet) and we are going to try and wean him off the bottles. The doc also gave the okay for him to try juice again which Preston is excited about. We are going to let him have juice at daycare (so he does not feel left out :) and then probably just milk and water at home. That way he doesn't get too much juice! I really need to call and get Preston's 1st yr pictures scheduled, but it is hard to find the time. We are also looking to take Pres to a pumpkin patch if the weather cooperates- anyone have suggestions? One more question- just wondering if any of you bloggers have ever printed off your blog? I wanted to do that for Preston's 1st year so he can look back on it. I went to "the cutest blog on block" and tried, but when I previewed it my comments didn't match up with the pictures so it looked weird. Does anyone know how to do this?? Hope everyone has a great weekend and Go Hawks!