Sunday, May 10, 2009

Cute Videos

Here are just a few videos of Preston that we have taken over the last week or so. There are just so many sweet things that he does :)

Preston riding his new firetruck from Grandpa Kyle. He hangs on all by himself and enjoys being mobile around the house! Sorry for the underwear shot of myself (I even told Daddy not to get my butt on video)!

This is Preston's sign for "up." He holds his arms halfway up and moves his fingers. He does it everytime he wants to be picked up or out of something. I think he even knows the word "up" and does it when I ask him (or maybe I am just reading too far into it:)

Preston is a big "screamer" now. He screams when he is having fun, just to listen to his voice, and is starting to get a real attitude and screams when he is mad or wants something. I can't wait for those tantrums that I know will be coming soon! In this video he is screaming because Daddy is so fun!

Preston loves to listen to his frog play music and put on a light show. He is playing his piano along with Jack Johnson in this video.

Preston also likes to "talk." He is talking while walking around in his activity center in this video. Sorry for the probable inappropriate music that 50 cent is playing in the background. We really need to download some children's songs on the ipod so Preston can listen to those on his "froggy."

Mother's Day

I just wanted to say Happy Mother's Day to my Mom, Mother-in-law, Sister-in-law, Grandma, and to all the wonderful mothers out there! I am so grateful that I am now a mother because it is truly the best feeling in the world! The Eichmeier's were pretty busy this past week. On Wednesday, Grandma Diane visited after her conference and got to see Preston graduate from swim lessons. He is such a good water baby now- he even loves showers! It was also Mommy and Daddy's 3rd Anniversary on Wed, so Mommy and Daddy went out to eat at Granite City while Grandma babysat Preston. Daddy took the day off on Friday, so we traveled to Pella for their annual Tulip Time. We were afraid it was going to rain, but it turned out to be a beautiful day. We timed it just right because it started raining just as we pulled out of town. We watched the parade, ate lots of yummy food, looked at all the pretty flowers, and walked through the market shops. On Saturday we went to Babies-R-Us and got Preston two new big boy carseats since he has grown out of his baby one and lots of other stuff he needed....or wanted. Good thing we don't live that close to this store because we would definitely go into major debt! Preston does love his new toothbrush to brush all those teefers though! On Sunday, Mommy woke up to an outstanding breakfast that Daddy made which included french toast, sausages, a variety of fruit, and sweet rolls. And Preston got Mommy some flowers :) Thanks Preston and Daddy for a great Mother's Day! I love you!
"Here Mommy, here is a flower I picked for you.""But don't eat it Mommy, it does not taste good!"
Tulips at Tulip Time!
Mommy and Preston beside the pretty flowers

Preston decided he didn't like flower pictures
At the parade
We are not Dutch, but decided to get a pic in the wooden shoes
Preston wanted to try them on
Big Windmill

"Mom, I told you I hate these dumb flowers!"
Daddy and Preston taking a break
Preston on his new firetruck from Grandpa Kyle
"I love avocados!"
Grandma D brought Preston some new books and toys!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Aunt Molly!

Today is Aunt Molly's 20th Birthday and Daddy, Mommy, and Preston just wanted to tell Aunt Molly that we love her and miss her. She gets back from Peru in about 3 weeks and we can't wait to see her! It is also Great Grandma Mary's 75th birthday today so we want to wish her a very Happy Birthday too!

This is just a video of Daddy and Preston being silly while singing Happy Birthday. Daddy actually didn't know Mommy was taping this until he turned around :)

Monday, May 4, 2009

Great Weekend!

The Eichmeier's had a good weekend and last week Preston turned 7 months old (where has the time gone!). On Friday, we got to hang out at home and relax. On Saturday, Preston played outside while Mommy and Daddy took turns working around the yard and cleaning out the cars. Then, Grandpa and Grandma Eichmeier came to visit on Saturday evening. Grandma Sue brought Preston some new clothes from garage sales and he is so excited to wear them! They babysat Preston while Mommy and Daddy went out on the town with Jack and Jenn, Jenn's brother Joe and his wife Kelly, Jared and Lisa, and Lane. It was fun to hang out with adults for awhile and Mommy even had 2 drinks! On Sunday, we all slept a lot and then Grandpa Kyle came to visit. He also brought Preston some new toys from garage sales, including a talking firetruck he can ride! We love garage sales! He brought Mommy and Daddy a Mabe's pizza for their anniversary too! It was yummy!
Today, Preston and Mommy went on a walk, took some naps, played and hung out around the house, and then we went to swimming lessons. Preston was quite the splasher today. Wednesday is the last swim lesson for Preston, hopefully the pools open up soon! Wednesday is also Mommy and Daddy's Anniversary so we are going to take Preston to the Tulip Festival in Pella on Friday. Hopefully we get some good pics to post!
All smiles from Preston Laughing at Mom's fire engine noises. Look at that gap between his teeth- orthodontist here we come! Preston tried spaghetti and strawberries for the first time this weekend. He also ate some mac-n-cheese and chicken noodle casserole. Sleeping Mommy and Daddy's bed
Lane....passing out. Just kidding Rachel :)
Mommy and Daddy enjoying their night out
Jack and Jenn and Joe and Kelly were supposed to be in Mexico for vacation this weekend, so they obviously had to reschedule it. They decided to celebrate anyways with giant margaritas and our waitress even let them wear the sombrero on the wall.
Jenn and Amanda
Jack, Scott, and Jared
Thanks Grandpa and Grandma Eichmeier!
Preston hanging out on G'pa Larry
Enjoying the nice weather!
Mommy and P-dawg

What is this grass stuff?
That kitty keeps swinging her tail in my face....I think I am going to grab it

Almost got it......
I got it! .......And then the kitty yelped and jumped down
P-Diddy and Jasmine looking out the window

Mom, when can I go out and play again?